Bed Bugs! Don't Let Them Bite

Bed Bugs! Don’t Let Them Bite

Bed bugs are small, non-flying, oval insects, that survive by the blood of humans or insects. They do not live only in your bed. They can live anywhere in your home. Including cracks in your furniture or any cloth fabric. But they are often found in your bed or mattress, bed springs or bed frame. They usually bite while you sleep. Their bite is painless and looks like a rash. They are not poisonous and their bites do not spread disease to humans, but they do itch and the skin can become infected from scratching.

How to Find Bed Bugs

It’s best to find them early. An infestation can easily spread or become established. They are much easier to treat at the earlier stages. The first sign of may be red, itchy bites on the skin, usually on the arms or shoulders. They tend to leave straight rows of bites, unlike some other insects that leave bites here and there.

Look in crevices and cracks and on or near your bed to locate them. You should look for Fecal Stains, skins, and egg cases. If you only see the bed bugs themselves, you’ve got an active infestation. 

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

They are the size of an apple seed. Long, oval, and brown if they are hungry. Balloon-Like, reddish, and more elongated if they have just eaten. They have wings, but do not fly. They have a musty smell. Young bed bugs are smaller and more translucent with a whitish yellow color and if they are hungry almost invisible to the naked eye.

In general eggs are the size of a tiny pinhead, pearl white, and after 5 days marked with an eye spot.

How Long to Bed Bugs Live?

These bugs have exoskeletons. A nymph (hatch-ling) must shed their skin, or molt 5 to 7 times to become an adult. Molting (shedding of skin) can only take place after a hatch-ling has eaten. Since they eat every 3-5 days, egg to adult usually takes 37 days. The adult bed bug can live up to a year.

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A Wasp Stinger

A Wasp Stinger

A wasp stinger is very distinctive. Just like a bee the female wasp is the one that stings. Prehistoric Wasp would use their pointy end to lay eggs inside their victim. Then the larvae would hatch and have their first meal instantly ready. Wasp need a  sharp stinger to be successful in this practice, so through evolution they have become extremely sharp. Most victims are not willing to be stung and then eaten, so evolution saw to the creation of the venom.

Effects Of The Wasp Stinger

Venom in the stinger of a wasp will paralyze victims. This is to encourage larger threats to leave the wasp alone. The sharp pointed end allows the venom of the wasp to enter the blood stream directly. This causes a signal to be sent to the brain through our central nervous system saying, “This hurts!”.

Norepinephrine is a chemical in the venom that makes sure pain keeps coming. Since this is in the blood stream it will last for several minutes while your blood dilutes the poison.

Hyaluronidase and Mas Cell Degranulating Peptide cause swelling and redness, by melting through connective tissue between cells.

The Wasp Attack

Generally they do not attack. If they sense a disturbance or feel a threat, they will sting multiple times. Wasp are aggressive and will sting repeatedly.

Avoiding a Wasp

Wasp love sugar and nectar. Never leave sugary drinks unattended and check the inside of cans before you drink. Clean up your food and drink when you are finished. Since they love flowers, walk the perimeter of your garden before doing any gardening work. Keep your yard tidy and clean. Wear shoes with closed toes and do not wear strong scents.

An aggressive wasp is the worst kind. If you see one do not swat at it. Remain calm. Run in a straight line and cover your face. Wasps like to target the face and head. They will wait for you to emerge from water, and will continue to sting if you play dead. It is most important to remain still.

Removing The Nest

Removing the nest is very risky and dangerous. Wasp stings are extremely painful and deadly if you are allergic and without allergy relief. Provoking a nest can be dangerous to those around you. We strong recommend you do not remove the nest yourself.

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Mouse Math – how fast do mice multiply

How Fast Do Mice Multiply?

We get asked this question “How fast do mice multiply” quite often in our pest control business. The answer can show how quickly an infestation can overcome a home or office. Mice carry disease and can do extensive damage in a short amount of time.

Female Mice Information

Mice infestation services

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

A common female house mouse can get pregnant as early as 4 weeks old. Most female mice begin ovulating at 6 to 8 weeks.

Once impregnated, the gestation period is only 3 weeks (or less). The litter usually is 5 to 7 pups. In some instances, that number can be as high as 14 pups.

This is How Fast Do Mice Multiply

The average house mouse lives 1 year on the wild and up to 2 years in a domicile. If they are breeding all year long, the number of mice born can be easily be 60 pups per year. Add to that the new pups breeding at 6 weeks. It is easy to see how an infestation would happen unless dealt with early on.

Other Facts

The mother mouse tries very hard to make sure her littler lives. She will decide if there are less hearty pups and not feed them. She may even eat those unlucky pups. The nutrition helps her care for her surviving litter or for a new pregnancy.

Fathers are in the picture for a litter of pups. But in an unusual way. They want their genes to be passed down. If they suspect one or more of the pups are not theirs, the father will kill the pup(s).

What To Do

If you see or suspect a mouse in your home or office, call Absolute Pest Control right away. We can quickly determine the best course to rid you of your mouse problem. You can call us at 615-220-1933 or click HERE to email us.


You can learn more about mice HERE!

The Dreaded Bradford Pear in Tennessee

Bradford Pear Trees

As temperatures rise in Middle Tennessee, the dreaded Bradford Pear starts blooming. The little white petals look so beautiful lining driveways and streets all around you. But, are the trees really making your allergies go crazy? Or the pollen from the trees?


When Bradford Pear trees were first introduced to modern culture they were presented as sterile. In reality they are not. The Bradford Pear tree pollen can cross pollenate with other species. Studies show that the trees can revert to the Chinese Callery Pears. That offspring can have thorny thickets that overtake existing plant and tree life.

More Bad News

These lovely trees have other bad attributes. When you walk near one of these trees you can smell their fishy smell. It is unpleasant for those who spend time outdoors. Another negative of the tree is that they grow very tall without good branching systems. Additionally, if a tree is large and full, sunlight cannot get the the grass below, leaving a landscaping nightmare.


What is really the culprit of your seasonal allergies? It’s the pollen that grows from the Bradford Pear trees! So when planning your landscaping at that new house, skip the Bradford Pear trees and go for a nice Maple tree.


The Bradford Pear Tree

Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Pyrus

Species: Bradford Pear (Pallus Calleryana)

Even The Grump Gardener agrees!

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What Should Your Expectations Be After Pest Control Services In Murfreesboro

 What Should Your Expectations Be After Pest Control Services In Murfreesboro

To find the best local exterminator can sometimes be difficult, sometimes you might be lucky to stumble on the right pest control service provider that will fulfill all your pest control needs. In some cases, you might be unlucky to go for a pest service control provider who doesn’t give a hoot about your home but just cares about his money.


What should be your expectations for pest control services in Murfreesboro? Should it be good, bad or ugly? The truth is that your expectations are measured by the quality of the pest control service provider you employ.

It can be good, actually really, really good if you employ the aid of a pest control service provider that is authentic, accountable and experienced. If you hire a pest control service provider who is licensed, who has a certified, licensed technician and who is willing to go all the way to ensure that he provides a service and delivers on his word then be sure to have a positive expectation.


What happens when you hire the service of a pest control service provider who is not licensed? Who has no idea about the intricacies of pest control? Who has no references and who just shows up at your front door with a special formula that can kill the most dangerous pest on earth? The thing is, not every pest control service provider can be trusted. Some of them might think they have found the ultimate method of killing pests and might want to try this new formula with your home. What if it doesn’t work? That is why it is important to ask questions before hiring a pest control service provider.

Must Be Trained

It can get really ugly when you employ the aid of a pest control service provider who has no inkling or idea of what works best for pest control. Pest control service providers of this sort are the ones interested in what they can make from these jobs. Be wary of pest control service providers who offer you multiple services like plumbing and woodwork at the same time. These pest control service providers are simply keen on making some money out of you.

what should be your expectation after pest control services in Murfreesboro?


Your expectation will be determined by the caliber of the pest control service provider you employ. If you employ the aid of a quack because of how cheap the service is, or because of how he can convince you to try out his service, then you do not expect to be impressed by whatever job he dishes out to you. Which is why it is essential to put into consideration the following to do’s before hiring a pest control service provider; do your homework, get references from the service provider, make inquiries from family and friends and ensure that the pest control service provider is certified. The result will be a high expectation.

Common Services Our Clients Request

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WDI Letters

Commercial Pest Control



Mosquito Abatement







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4 Steps To Prevent Winter Pests In Smyrna, TN

4 Steps To Prevent Winter Pests

Winter has arrived. If you haven’t already, you need to get your home winterized against pests. Knowing exactly what to do can be confusing, so we created 4 Steps To Prevent Winter Pests.

Step 1: Check Your Roof (or hire a professional roofer to help you)

Walk around your house and look for fallen or low hanging branches. Any limbs that come from a tree and touch your home will provide a path inside. The types of animals that can use the branches or tree limbs are: ants, spiders, squirrels, raccoons, and other any other small rodents.

Step 2: Seal Any Cracks and Openings

Many insects, rodents, and other pests need just a small opening to get into your home. Look for cracks in your exterior. Check crawl space entry way and vents to make sure they are intact. Inspect windows for dried out caulking. Then, make necessary repairs. This will block the pests on the outside and possibly keep your electric bill down.

Step 3: Don’t Provide Food

We know it seems obvious… but don’t feed the pests. Clean up spills and crumbs immediately. Inspect your trash can for a tight sealing lid. Tie trash bags tightly and put in a secure refuse bin. Use cedar mulch around your home. Your home is not a restaurant.

Step 4: Get Rid Of Water Sources

A slow dripping faucet or HVAC unit provides life nourishing water to pests. And, termites are drawn to the leaking HVAC tube next to your home. Inspect or call a professional plumber/HVAC company to have any leaks inspected and repaired. Block off the water supply and let the bugs go next door.

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Fighting Termites Before Selling Your Home To Save On Costs

Fighting Termites Before Selling Your Home To Save On Costs

Termites are one of the most expensive insects. These little insects can ruin the foundation, walls, doors, window sills, etc. of your home. The annoying thing is that most times, you do not realize that your home is infested till it’s too late. Like being on the verge of selling your house.

Full Disclosure

Fighting termites before selling your home can incur unnecessary costs and this can be frustrating. It is required by law that home owners must disclose any termite activity and damage to their potential buyers. It is very difficult to sell a house or a home with termite infestation. Which is why fighting termites before selling your home is very important.

Here are tips on how to fight termites before selling your home and how to save on costs while doing so.

The best cost effective way to fighting termites is by preventing them in the first place.


Termites love soil; this is their mode of transportation. Seek ways to avoid soil from getting into your homes. Seems crazy, right? Avoid soil. But general cleanliness is important.

Decaying Vegetation

Get rid of any decaying vegetation around your homes; plants, twigs, dead plants, and mulch. These things must be cleared regularly to avoid a termite problems. Many homes in our area spread mulch around their homes twice a year. Don’t buy the cheapest mulch. We recommend Cypress Heartwood mulch; which is termite resistant. Another option is cedar. Termites do not like cedar wood.

Scrap Wood

You must store all wooden building materials away from the house. Any left over wood scraps will attract termites. Rotting wood is especially tempting to termites. Besides fighting termites before selling your home, get the yard cleaned up for a good showing.

Preventative Treatment

This also prevents termites from seeking refuge within your homes. This method would ensure that you get to sell your home, without having to worry about the cost you would incur in trying to get rid of termites.

Termites Are A Menace

Termites are a constant menace to homes. There are ways to treat brand new homes and you will not have termite issues. The law stands behind the buyer in a termite infestation situation. Have your home inspected before it is on the market.

If your home is infested, please give us a call at 615-220-1933 to determine how much treatment is really needed or click HERE to contact us via email.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use An Expert To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

3 Reasons Why You Should Use An Expert To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not play. To rid your home of this insect you have to employ the aid of an expert; anything less than that could mean you are leaving your house open to infestation. The use of an expert, like Absolute Pest Control, to get rid of a bed bug cannot be over emphasized. Here are 3 reasons why you should use an expert to get rid of bed bugs.


Have you ever noticed that a bed bug only feed on their hosts when they are asleep? Or that they have developed such a scary survival instinct where they do not have to eat for a year? Scary, right? These smart, wingless, annoying insects has also developed a means of survival even after you think you have gotten rid of them? Ever wondered why bed bugs come back even after you think you have gotten rid of them? It is because you never got rid of them in the first place. Which is why you need an expert who has spent years evolving with these insects to help you get rid of them forever! Our steam bed bug removal system is revolutionary.


Bed bugs are known to cause harm to humans which is more than just the usual skin rash. These pests are known to cause psychological effects and allergic symptoms on their victims. It is very important to find bed bugs and destroy them for good. Sometimes people don’t respond to a bed bug bite immediately, other times couples complain that one partner is getting bitten. A large population of people don’t react to bed bug bites immediately and this is a problem because these people may not even know that they have a bed bug infestation in the first place. In severe cases of an infestation, people can become anemic.


If you decide to get rid of bed bugs on your own, your go-to a solution would probably be to take out your bed and mattress. Leave it to sun dry for a while. And, vacuum your home. Then, hope you have gotten rid of these insects. NO! It does not work like that. If an expert walks into a home infested with bed bugs, he knows, just by the odor bed bugs give. Sometimes it is hard to know when you are under attack except you wake up in the middle of the night and see them. If you hire an expert, his priority will be a thorough inspection to ascertain the degree of infestation. Our technicians will rid your home of bed bugs and guarantee that they will not return.

Always employ the aid of experts during an infestation. It is safer, faster and easier.

What You Need To Know About Pest Control Service Providers In Smyrna Before Hiring

What You Need To Know About Pest Control Service Providers In Smyrna Before Hiring Anyone

It is important to know your facts when hiring any of the Smyrna pest control service providers. There is nothing more annoying than paying for the services of pest control service providers and being disappointed by missed appointments or bad service. Or even worse, they didn’t fix your problem.

In Smyrna, there are a lot of pest control service providers, and these providers all have their different approach to work. Understand that not every service provider is interested in your happiness as a customer; some of them are just interested in your money. Don’t get stuck with this kind of provider in Smyrna?

Here’s what you need to know about pest control service providers in Smyrna before hiring anyone:



Before you hire any of the pest control service providers, ensure that they are competent. Do your homework by asking questions to your friends and family that use the provider you are considering hiring. Ask on social media for a referral. Look at the reviews online. This saves you both the energy and the cost needed to solve your pest problem.


It is important that you verify a pest control service provider’s license before hiring. In Smyrna, licenses can be verified by checking with the various state departments of agriculture. License numbers must be on all vehicles and marketing materials. A permit proves that the pest control service provider is registered with the state. Ask to see the charter number if you are at all unsure of the legality of suspicious pest control service providers.


If you can’t find a referral from a trustworthy source, don’t check online ratings, and hire one blindly you may be in for trouble . Ensure that you ask them certain questions that can prove their accountability. Such questions include; do you have a charter number?What is your business license number in the state of Tennessee? Do you background screen your technicians? How much training does each technician receive? What’s your service guarantee? Can you provide a list of references? These questions would help you ascertain how authentic the pest control service provider is.


In Smyrna, they are very good pest control service providers with licenses and fully trained pest control technicians. Some of them perform an off the chart job that can leave you amazed. You can tell how good they are by how they provide their service. They provide you with excellent customer service, they strive so hard to understand your problem, and they give you instructions to follow before they arrive. Some of them also have the answers to all the questions you will ask to prove their authenticity. When you meet such a trusted pest control service provider, then you should hire them.


The process of hiring a pest control service provider is not difficult. You just have to be very careful to ensure that you eventually hire the services of a pest control service provider who understands your needs and is willing to help you fix them.

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Wooly Aphids Have Hit Middle Tennessee

PHOTO: Virginia Department of Forestry

Wooly Aphids- Those Little White Fluffs

Recently, wooly aphids have hit Middle Tennessee very hard, to the point where there’s a full-fledged infestation in this region. But you do have to wonder, what are wooly aphids and how can you get rid of them? Read onward to find that out!

What are wooly aphids?

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

These are sap-sucking insects. They are rather small, most of the time they will have around ¼ inches. The wooly aphids, in particular, have a waxy, white material that covers their body. That’s what makes them look fuzzy, although the insects are either blue or green. Also, the bug is elongated and brown.

A thing to note about these insects is that they require 2 hosts, one for feeding during the summer and one for winterization. The latter one will be used for laying eggs during spring as well.

During the summer, the wooly aphids are flying, and they search trees to start their new infection. When autumn comes, they will create their own nest into the apple tree bark. During spring and up until summer, they will feed on the sap of that tree, and they will reproduce very fast.

What type of damage is caused by wooly aphids?

They may seem harmless at first, but they aren’t. They will attack the bark, and this will weaken the tree. It will open it to other infestations and various types of diseases. The bumps can also be opened during frost periods, and this can lead to canker attacks next year.

How to prevent wooly aphid infestations?

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Make sure that you purchase apple trees on rootstocks. These are known to lower the likelihood of wooly aphid attacks. Another great method would be to use pruning methods, and you can avoid tree bark damage this way. Make sure that you need to do pruning the right way, otherwise this can lead to a huge range of problems.

Eliminating wooly aphids

Usually, the best way to deal with wooly aphids is to use chemical pesticides. Make sure that you follow the rules and regulations when it comes to using pesticides within your own property. Usually, each product will come with it’s own recommended usage times and instructions.

You can also use organic methods, in this case, you need to use a very powerful jet of water directly on the wooly aphid nest. This will help remove most of these pests. If there are any more remaining, then using a small brush and a bit of soapy water can come in handy. Repeat treatments often, in case you have some branches that still show any sign of infestation.

Moreover, you can also try to use some of the wooly aphid natural enemies like hoverfly larvae, lacewings or ladybirds. Earwings on fruit trees can help quite a lot too, and the best part is that they won’t damage your apple tree.

As you can see, dealing with the wooly aphids can be quite challenging, but with the right approach, you will be able to obtain the best results in no time. Study all the options, use a trial and error approach, then you will have no problem obtaining the best experience when dealing with such pests!

Recent article from WZTV Fox 17 News “What are those annoying flying white fur ball looking things?

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