Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

What is eco-friendly pest control?

There are many “versions” of eco-friendly pest control. At Absolute Pest Control, we have several options for every family. The first method is to establish a safe and  perimeter around the home. Then, we use traditional chemical treatments to block pests from getting into your home. Think of it as a hard shield or force field. The second method is with eco smart or eco friendly products that restrain pests while taking care of the environment.  The technicians at Absolute Pest Control use either EcoPCO or Mother Earth brand natural products for the eco-friendly homes.

How are these eco-friendly treatments effective?

EcoSMART discovered that certain plant oils can be combined and offer the same effectiveness as traditional chemical pesticides. Ironically, the proprietary combination of oils are FDA approved as food additives (currently added to food and beverages). This scientifically created solution has been named Hexa-Hydroxyl. Hexa-Hydroxyl unique action targets a key neurotransmitter receptor called Octopamine. Octopamine regulates the heart rate, movement, and metabolism of insects. The end result is a total breakdown of an insects nervous system. Hexa-Hydroxyl does not affect mammals.

Which inspects are we protected from with this type of treatment?

This method protects your home from a broad spectrum of the common insects that crawl and fly. Some of these are ants, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, moths, spiders, wasps, and yellow jackets. The treatment of the water-resistant dust will shield your residence, business, or building for up to two months in favorable conditions.

Does the Hexa-Hydroxyl treatment smell?

The combination of plant oils will produce a floral aroma. The specific fragrance will depend on the actual oils used in the treatment. Unscented formulas are currently being made.



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